Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Jessica Alba to OKC -- Sorry for vandalizing your city but it's really, like, the fault of these other people I totally shouldn'ta got involved with

So maybe waging a nighttime guerilla campaign in Oklahoma City to save the Great White Shark wasn't such a swift move for Jessica Alba.

She has apologized.

An investigation is underway, etc., etc.

Bad Ju Ju, Jess.

In Oklahoma, no less. The reddest of the red states. The state that gave John McCain the biggest vote percentage in the whole country. The state that does not like the defacement of private and/or private property. The state that doesn't give a shit about the Great White Shark or anything else that lives in the water, except for gigantic catfish, which they catch with their bare hands -- because it's fun.

How'd all this come to light and ignite a minor furor? A little blog in OKC. All hail The Blog. Power to The Blog!

Why the hell is Jessica Alba in Oklahoma City? Makin a movie up in Guthrie, a hour or so north. (Guthrie was the state capital of Oklahoma a long long time ago, they say. There's a banjo museum there. Seriously. But it's being moved to Oklahoma City pretty son, we heard on the radio.)

Run along now, Jessica. And put some clothes on! Company's comin over!!


Anonymous said...

Nobody got any nekkid pictures of her, or a sex tape?


Banjo Jones said...

At ease, TFG.

kixette said...

oh bj that one is almost not safe for work!

Banjo Jones said...

seems to add to readership, though.