Saturday, May 23, 2009

Empty nest, baby birds dead

The other night I went outside to find the above pictured bird nest on the driveway.

One of the neighborhood cats managed to leap from a planter that stood below the nest (a distance of around 5-feet in my estimation) that was wedged between the rain gutter and outdoor light, and then bat the nest down. At least that's what I figured.

It was dark and I thought, well, maybe the birds managed to escape during the attack. They were gettin' ready to leave pretty soon anyway.

I went back in the house, then went out again and startled the local black & white cat, which jumped outta the bushes in the flower bed and skedaddled. I looked around the flower bed with a flashlight for evidence and didn't find any, but the next day, with the sun out, I saw some feathers, so it looks like the birds didn't make it (unlike last year, when the neighborhood cats left the very same nest alone.)

The mom & dad bird hung for a day but after that they moved on.

I'm kinda bummed out about it all, so don't give me the business. And happy memorial day.

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Anonymous said...

Banjo, I hope this wasn't your own cat did it? I'm both a bird and cat lover. Domestic and feral urban cats have a devastating effect on songbirds and even baby squirrels.
I did my best to teach my cats not to kill birds. Once I caught one of mine looking hungry at one and whacked the hay out of her. The same irresponsible cat owners as well as feral cat feeders which we have in our neighborhood are almost oblivious to the bloodthirsty creatures they are feeding, and let in the house, pet, kiss and sleep with sometimes just after kill. I've seen parents, who would be sickened by the blood, guts and feathers lying in my yard, oblivously encouraging their little kids to pet the bloodthirsty creatures not noticing the traces of feathers and blood still in their mouths.