Monday, May 04, 2009

Dylan gives props to Texas, hits #1 on Billboard chart

Still haven't gotten down to the record store to buy Bob's new LP, but came across a mention of his upcoming interview with Rolling Stone wherein Bob credits Texas for what's going on in his latest recording...

We quote in full from ...

Bob Dylan really isn’t kidding about the Texas thing that’s all over his new album.

In the May 14 issue of Rolling Stone, Dylan talks at length about the role Texas plays in the new album.

On border towns: “You feel things and you’re not quite sure what you feel. But it follows your every move.”

On the music: “Texas might have more independent thinking people than any other state in the country. And it shows in the music….Texas is so big; it’s a republic, it’s its own country.”

On Billy Joe Shaver, who comes up in a lyric: “Waylon and me played (Shaver’s) ‘Ain’t No God in Mexico’ and I don’t know, it was quite good….Shaver and David Allen Coe became my favorite guys in that [outlaw] genre.”

On Doug Sahm: “Doug was like me, maybe the only figure from that period of time that I connected with… Doug a heavy frequency…It’s like what Charley Patton says, ‘My God, what solid power.’ I miss Doug.”

It is not on-line, so, perhaps needless to say, Texas music fans really should pick the issue up. It’s a stellar interview.


Bob hits #1 on Billboard chart.


Anonymous said...

The old man is sounding more and more in spirit like Tom Russell, e.g. Borderlands, Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs, The Rose of San Joaquin, etc.

kixette said...

and while they're reading rolling stone - read last months INCREDIBLE article on my other favorite outlaw, Kris Kristofferson by none other than ETHAN HAWKE!

Mom of One said...

Dylan also said that he'd been made a honorary Texan--or something like that-- by George W. Bush. I guess it is too late for me.

Banjo Jones said...

MoO -- I have that power. Poof -- you're an honorary Texan. Congrats.