Thursday, April 30, 2009

Watchin' eagles nesting LIVE

Way down in Australia, the Hancock Wildlife Foundation has set up a camera on an eagles' nest, where three little eagles appear to be doing quite well. Are they eaglets? I'll just call 'em lil' eagles.

You can either watch it live or you can go to videotaped excerpts. It's pretty amazing. It has audio, too. Lots of chirping and other wildlife sounds.

Go here to check it out, but remember, it's on the other side of the world, so when it's dark here it's daylight there, like right now.


Update: OK, it's now 11:08 pm CDT and it's dark at the eagle's nest in Australia, so I'm a little confused about how soon it gets dark Down Under, but I saw an interesting thing as the Mama Eagle settled in to sleep -- she took a gigantic, projectile shit, perfectly aimed to land outside the nest. Frogs are croakin' and crickets are making that cricket sound ... tune in tomorrow ...


Anonymous said...

Banjo, that's Sidney, BC, Canada, I believe, Pacific Standard time. Great link.

Banjo Jones said...

Thanks. I shoulda known since Alaska and British Columbia are hosts to the majority of bald eagles. After watching the action in the nest this weekend we were growing concerned that the smallest of the three eaglets wasn't gettin fed but he just got a pretty good meal an hour ago.

Yesterday the daddy eagle brought home a seagull for dinner.