Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A valid question about the piracy problem; plus, Our Congressman to join teabaggers in Seabrook

Our Congressman, US Rep. Ron Paul, gives voice to what a lot of people are wondering regarding the Somali pirates who are raiding ships in the Indian Ocean.

Why in the hell don't these privately owned shipping lines provide their own security? (We've learned from the TV that it's for insurance reasons, which makes no sense to us.)

Paul talks about the problem in this video.

He's worried that the ongoing piracy problem may lead to yet more military intervention in the region by our government.

It seems to us that if these shipping lines put a half-dozen or so armed security contractors on their vessels, the pirates may be less inclined to putter out on their motorboats and take over these ships.

During the latest incident, in which the American ship captain was held for ransom before being freed, the ship's crew first fought off their assailants with WATER HOSES.

While we're talking about Rep. Paul, we should mention that he'll be at the Tea Party in Seabrook on Wednesday, according to this story in the Fort Worth paper.

There's a lot of snickering among some members of the media elite about the "tea baggers," which is addressed in a vague way in this Huffington Post disptach, but we're certain it's way over the head of Our Congressman.


Anonymous said...

There's some weirdness with international law and treaties and such where sailors are not allowed to be armed with something that might stop someone else, and so water hoses is what they get.

I heaard they're allowed to spread broken glass on the deck, too. And flares.


Anonymous said...

Why do we care? Let's build a fence around Africa and be done with it. It's our staple answer, no?