Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The bird's nest is rehabitated

Last year about this time we brought you a two-part photo spread and special report on a sparrow's nest in which baby birds hatched and eventually flew the coop.

(See here and here if you don't remember.)

Well, we never removed the nest, which was constructed just above and to the right of the garage door and nestled between the top of an outdoor lamp and a roof gutter drainpipe. It's a good spot -- under the roof eaves for protection.

This year the same type of sparrow returned to the nest recently to lay the eggs you see above.

Some changes were made to the nest -- most notably some clothes dryer lint that wasn't there last year.

We don't know, of course, if it's the same sparrow and her mate that have returned to the nest, but we like to think so. (We don't even know what type of sparrow it is, but the male has some red coloring on its crown, if that's any help.)

We'll report later on what happens, so long as there are no mishaps on the ladder that has to be climbed to do this type of photojournalism.

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Anonymous said...

That dryer lint's good stuff--keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer