Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Equistar says adios to BrazCo

The local Clute paper says Brazoria County is losing one of its most reliable contributors to our area's emissions events.

The Equistar plant over by Alvin is shuttin' down.

Here's "the facts" from local daily:

LyondellBasell announced today it will permanently shut Equistar Chemicals’ Chocolate Bayou complex Aug. 4, ending the company’s presence in Brazoria County.
Equistar is a LyondellBasell subsidiary.
Spokesman David Harpole said the decision will result in about 30 additional job losses. In November, officials said the site staffed more than 400 people, both full-time employees and contractors.
The site has been shut down since December, but officials hoped demand would pick up and the site could come back online. In January, the site was shuttered indefinitely due to a lack of demand. The following month, 220 employees were cut.
On Jan. 6, LyondellBasell filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

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Isabelle said...

Once again 'The Facts' has the wrong facts...

Only the Olefins plant at Chocolate Bayou is closing - the polymers plant is still up and running.

"LyondellBasell Industries will permanently close its Chocolate Bayou olefins complex near Alvin, Texas, by Aug. 4, 2009."