Friday, March 06, 2009

Dylan's real "Mr. Jones" -- gone

On Thursday we posted an old Dylan song via and passed along a comment from Jay Rosen, new media savant. wondering whether the title character in the song was a journalist.

Turns out "Mr. Jones" was a journalist at the time he interviewed Bob. And his surname was Jones (no relation to me.)

Oh, and he also passed away late last year, but it sounds like he led an interesting life.

A reader sent us this info and you can read it here.


Anonymous said...

The Barracuda Man is back !!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know alpaca ranching was so profitable, enabling one to have a private plane.

radioisfree said...

i guess i was always under the mistaken impression that brian jones had been the inspiration for the song. local (cartown) legend has it that mister jones was indeed "mister jones," son of dr. jones. he was a student at REL and had some unusual tics and eccentricities. i'm pretty sure he didn't know what it was either. incidentally, having seen mister lately, he has (sadly) lost his youthful weirdness and now has settled into a middle-age weirdness that is even weirder. he has finally learned to read and that should be an inspiration to other mr. joneses who can finally learn what's really happening.