Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jim Cramer of CNBC follows our lead in the train wreck that is Dow Chemical

Regular readers of The Brazosport News will remember a while back that we called for the head of Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris.

Now comes Jim Cramer, the wild man/stock picker on CNBC, taking up the call.

We realize that some stock market experts advise investors to listen carefully to what Cramer says, and then do the opposite.

Be that as it may, Cramer isn't always wrong.

So we pass along Cramer's view of Dow/Liveris:

When another viewer asked Cramer about Dow Chemical, Cramer pointed to Dow CEO Andrew Liveris on his Wall of Shame; “He told us repeatedly the dividend wasn’t in doubt – and then he got rid of the dividend. So my take is, until they get rid of Liveris, we’re not recommending Dow Chemical.”

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