Tuesday, December 16, 2008

They regret the error and they're sorry

We're sorry to tell you this, but with newspapers everywhere making dramatic cutbacks in order to maintain profitability, they're not going to get better, they're going to get worse.

There will be more mistakes.

There is a "bright side," though, if you have a sense of humor, because if the mistakes are not funny enough, the corrections often top the mistakes for laughs.

Take, for instance, this one, which was voted "Best Headline Error" by Craig Silverman, a freelance journalist and author who wrote the book "Regret The Error":

The American Family Association’s OneNewsNow site has a standard practice of using the word “homosexual” instead of “gay.” They even set up a filter to automatically make the change. This didn’t serve ONN well when a sprinter named Tyson Gay made news at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials. He suddenly became Tyson Homosexual when the site’s filter got a hold of an AP story:

The resulting headline said: "Homosexual eases into 100 Final at Olympic Trials" while the lead of the story stated: "Tyson Homosexual easily won ..."

This AP story made me laugh, too. It concerned a report about Robert Novak, the conservative columnist, and his retirement due to a brain tumor:

Novak has been a columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times for decades. He announced late last month he has a brain. The revelation came less than a week after he struck a pedestrian with his Corvette and drove away.

There are many, many more. All of this via Romenesko.

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