Sunday, December 07, 2008

Obama's still smokin' -- leave him alone

Can we all just agree not to give President-elect Barack Obama a lot of shit cause he went back to smokin'?

Considering the shitpile of problems he'll inherit, believe me, he needs to smoke. As much as he wants.

(Jesus, can you image how much the first photographer who gets a decent photo of Obama smokin' in the Rose Garden stands to make?)

We read about the smokin' relapse here at the LA Times blog Top Of The Ticket.

Wonder if Marlboro is his brand.

Nah. Probably Kool.


Anonymous said...

As President he should set an example. Smoking has an effect on the rising Health Care costs that our nation is bombarded with. Smoking is also a sign of weakness.


G-Man said...

He has no problem about lecturing others about health, so he deserves to have it thrown back at him.

Rorschach said...

Now if he'd put down the crack pipe....

Anonymous said...

Oink! Oink!
The only regret is that Obama smokes mass produced crap machine rolled with probably a synthetic filter on it.
I would respect him more if he would come out openly and proudly, declare he rolls his own unfiltered with highest quality tobacco available. Better yet, cigars that are pure both in tobacco and unfiltered roll.
Join the ranks of FDR, Churchill, Kinky Friedman.
Harley The Hog

Swearengen said...

To me it's a private property issue. He has the right to put into his body whatever the hell he wants to, be it legal or otherwise. And a restaurant or bar should not have government telling them if they can have a smoking section or not. It's the owners property, and non-smokers are free to dine somewhere else. Is having a glass of wine a weakness? No. Neither is smoking. It's a choice.

Swearengen said...

Oh yea, I'm a smoker in case you couldn't tell. Good cigar after dinner, 2 pack a day cigarette smoker, a joint once in a while, and every now and then I've been known to light a fart.

Anonymous said...

I completely respect all of your decisions. I have a lot of good friends who smoke. And I agree, it is a choice. The problem is, your choice negatively affects others. Look at your paystub, government health care is expensive, and I have to be real honest. I don't want to pay for your lung cancer...or good ol Barack's. At the same time, I completely agree with the private property thing.