Monday, November 03, 2008

Plunge this!

They're passin' out toilet plungers in Houston to galvanize the right-wing- Joe-the-Plumber vote, but the move isn't doing much for some of the conservative friends of The Brazosport News, who offered these comments ...

Kevin Whited of blogHouston:

my thought was sort of... if the toilet is stopped up, who got it that way?

And what stops up a toilet generally?

Not the best symbolism in my view from the guys in power. I guess pipe wrenches would have been a little extravagant, though.

Cory Crow of Lose An Eye, It's A Sport:

I think the plunger is an ironic symbol for local Republicans to be waving around. Given almost total control of local and State Gov't, they have managed to make a royal mess out of the place and have clogged up the pipes of good government with scandal, ham-fisted deregulation and clumsy privitation efforts.

They mean it as a tribute to Joe the Plumber, in reality they need to look inward and clean the Republican plumbing of bad politicians foisting bad legislation on the public.

Anyone else who wants to add their 2 cents hit the comment link...

You've also got roughly 12 hours to vote in our presidential poll, if you haven't already voted. It's a tie as I type this. Look over to the right to see the poll -------->

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