Friday, November 28, 2008

Dow's contribution to Black Friday

The Day After Thanksgiving has evolved into a non-holiday holiday.

If you have to work, you probably don't have to work that hard.

It's a day when when Christmas shoppers are allowed trample each other to save an extra 20 percent on merchandise with little chance of social opprobrium or criminal charges.

And if you want to just stay home and eat a lot, everyone gives their approval and waits for you to deliver the verdict on the Thanksgiving leftovers and whether they were as good as the day before ("I think they were better!")

At Dow Chemical Company on the Day After Thanksgiving, were any of the three above-mentioned factors at play in the latest emissions event?

We don't know, but it's possible. Maybe they weren't working that hard. Maybe some key personnel slipped out to do some shopping. Or maybe they were busing eating leftovers over behind Unit 2-G. Or maybe, just maybe, shit happens.

Whatever it was, there's 7,604 pounds of ethylene dichloride, 3,341 pounds of hydrogen chloride and 5,611 pounds of vinyl chloride floating around that's not supposed to be thanks to a system overpressure.

On the Day After Thanksgiving.

Thanks Dow.

Turkey butts.

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