Wednesday, November 05, 2008

After the deluge ...

"The radicals have taken over!"

That's how Sean Hannity's radio show just opened.

But then Hannity, speaking to his considerable radio audience, publicly offers to "have a beer" with the president-elect. It can either on-the-record or off, he says.

He even wished Obama success.

WOW, things really are about to change ... but then ...

Hannity says:

-- "I don't think we really know who (Obama) is."

-- That he thinks Obama "shares the views of the radicals...I hope I am wrong."

-- Promises he'll be "the loud voice of conservatism in exile."

-- "Journalism died" during this election.

-- His show is now "conservatism underground;" then they cut to a commercial for General Motors.

Locally, Brazoria County (TX) stayed true to the Republican Party, reports the the local paper in Clute.

The local voters said no to spending either $75M or $50M for a new county fair/rodeo/special events arena, but out West o' The Brazos, they loosened up the archaic, totally-confusing alcohol laws.

Best quote from overseas regarding Obama?

I'd vote for the one in this story that quotes a fellow from Kenya.

"Because Obama has won, we will have a change in the whole world. And for that I will slaughter a cockrel to celebrate with my family."


Anonymous said...

Hannity is such a tool. It's amazing how willingly blind idiots like him are when looking at the farce that Bush and Co have turned the republican party into. Bush is not a conservative. Pretty much NONE of the republicans in federal office are "traditional" republicans.

Mysti said...

Ask any high school student or any adult with simply a high school diploma to explain a socialist state, a democracy, a communist state, and federalism.
These concepts are foreign to them, because our schools are not adequately preparing our children to be educated and informed citizens. How can an eighteen-year-old or any adult with an average high school education be expected to understand the true significance of his or her vote when their candidate is running on one of these philosophies?
Democracy, being a form of government held by the people with recognized freedoms and liberties, is the cornerstone of America and was hard fought for by our forefathers. Other forms of government have proven woefully unsuccessful. Where is this history lesson in our schools? Our children are being ignored.
Mysti Neal, Attorney
San Antonio, TX