Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The pace on Follett's Island always has been slow, and now it's even slower

Follett's Island, the spit of land where Surfside Beach and Treasure Island are located, is still pretty much a No Man's Land due to Hurricane Ike, and it doesn't appear things are going to change dramatically anytime soon.

The latest message from Brazoria County advises this:

Entry to Treasure Island is still restricted to residents and disaster workers. Surfside has opened Hwy 332 to Surfside. If you are not a resident or disaster worker, you will not be granted entry to this area. The Blue Water Highway (County Road 257) is washed out in several places. Because of this, you will travel at your own risk if you try to get to Treasure Island in any vehicle other than trucks or 4 wheel drive vehicles. If you are a resident of Treasure Island, you should enter through Surfside. Access may not be granted through Galveston. You will only be granted permission to enter in daylight hours. You cannot get to Surfside via Blue Water Highway from Galveston. The road is not passable.

County officials also tell us: "We are still trying to get FEMA DRC’s (disaster assistance) established in Alvin, Lake Jackson, and Freeport. There is an office established in Pearland at 3216 E. Broadway in Pearland. "

Forgive us if we're speaking out of turn, but this seems a bit SLOW.

Brazoria County is getting the short end of the stick, the way we see it. And we were under the impression Our Man in Austin, State Rep. Dennis Bonnen, D-Angleton, carried a big stick in the State Capitol. Forget that.

Speaking of the Blue Water Highway, the local Clute paper carried a story a few days ago that it'll take $100 million to fix it.

But all is not lost. Most of Surfside has power but water pressure still sucks.


Anonymous said...

Banjo, there's a lot of pictures of Surfside and the highway at http://www.tpicks.com/brazoria_county_areas.htm plus more about quarter way down at http://www.tpicks.com/hurricane_ike_damage_7.htm.

Do you know if the San Luis Pass toll bridge is open?

Banjo Jones said...

i haven't read or heard that the bridge is closed but i haven't tried to cross it, either...

that's the best i can do.