Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How smart was it to put one of the country's 2 new biohazard labs on Galveston Island?

Not very, in the opinion of some people.
Safe as all get-out, aver others.
Thank President Bush, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and ex-Congressman Tom DeLay for bring the ebola virus and other deadly googlies to sunny, hurricane-ravaged Galveston Isle.


Anonymous said...

Banjo, the bottom line on all related arguments like this are if proper building construction techniques are employed there is no problem. This includes structures from UTMB highest sophistication to private homes.
The losses for example due to Ike are due to substandard construction that is covered by cheap insurance over and over, destruction after destruction, at the expense of those paying the highest premiums who meet standards, are most productive and avoid damage that never hits their deductible.

The solution in the end is to make Galveston Island a high end easy money tourist resort with casinos taxed to the hilt mixed with the high end technology of UTMB supported by it.

Support workers housing has no place on the island, they can commute in from across the causeway from outlying areas just like outlying communities in Hawaii or Mexico near resorts. Even provide them tax-supported transportation.

Banjo Jones said...

any discussion about Galveston always circles back to gambling ... Which is for suckers

Swearengen said...

Just another reason to get Hutinson out of office, but she's not re-upped till 2012. At least there may be hope we can get Cornyn out of there this 11/04. Both of them voted yes to take $850 BILLION dollars of our money and bailout the rich when we by a 90% majority instructed them to vote NO. They are not representing us in Washington, and it's time they go.