Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dow, ConocoPhillips plants named worst polluters in the whole gyall-derned Houston-Galveston area

The Galveston-Houston Association for Smog Prevention (GHASP, get it?) says two plants right here in the heart of the Petrochemical Underarm are the worst polluters in the Tri-County Area.

Dow Chemical in Freeport is the #1 polluter and ConocoPhillips in Old Ocean (near Sweeny) is #2, according to this report from GHASP.

Spokespeople for the two companies said the report, in effect, is all bullshit.

Here's GHASP's Top 10 polluters:

1. The Dow Chemical Company
Chemical manufacturing plant

2. ConocoPhillips Company
Petroleum refinery
Old Ocean

3. Lyondell - Houston Refining LP
Petroleum refinery

4. ExonMobil Corp.
Refining & supply company

5. BP Products North America
Texas City

6. Valero Refining-Texas, LP
Petroleum refinery
Texas City

7. Equistar Chemicals LP
(Wholly-owned subsidiary of Lyondell)
Petrochemical manufacturing plant
La Porte

8. Valero Refining-Texas, LP
Petroleum Refinery
Texas City

9. Equistar Chemicals, LP (Lyondell)

10. Total Petrochemicals USA, Inc.
Petrochemical manufacturing
La Porte

Congratulations to all.

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