Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Chron editorialist caught contributing to political candidate Mincberg

blogHouston was siftin' through campaign finance reports when it stumbled upon the name of Andrea Georgsson, who ponied up a $250 contribution to David Mincberg.

That wouldn't be a big deal if Ms. Georgsson wasn't an editorial writer for Houston's only daily newspaper.

'Twill be interesting to see what happens. (The former Chron reader representative told bH's Kevin Whited the paper is lookin' into the situation.)

It could be the paper concludes Ms. Georgsson "compromised" her position with the paper and has to be terminated (and maybe, thereby, saving another employee from gettin' laid off.)

Or it could decide since she's an editorial writer, she was just casting her Mincberg vote early as a duly authorized Chron editorial board member -- kinda like the way us run-o-the-mill voters can vote early to bypass waitin in line on election day. (Which could mean Georgsson could skip at least one dreary editorial board meeting.)

Either way, this could catch the attention of Romenesko and the journalistic watchdogs down in St. Petersburg. FL.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Romenesko did pick up on it. See today's column.
This was pretty bad. Andrea's a nice woman, but she's been writing a lot of editorials criticizing incumbent Republican Harris County officials, and now we know why. She's at least as dishonest as those she's been criticizing.