Thursday, October 16, 2008


There's more than one Joe The Plumber.

We found another one -- besides the one in Ohio who's become the media sensation of the election season (at least for a few days.)

And he's in .... AMARILLO, TX.

So meet Joe The Plumber, who purports to be "the friendliest plumber in town."


Joe The Plumber (Texas Version 2.0) is elk hunting in Colorado, says Hairballs.


Joe The Plumber in Ohio -- the one who started it all -- isn't licensed in his hometown and apparently wouldn't suffer the tax hit he thinks the Obama plan would entail, says the NYT blog The Caucus.

UPDATE: Fri. morning

The Houston daily jumps aboard the Joe The Plumber in Amarillo love train.

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Rorschach said...

Banjo, the party line about Joe the Plumber in Ohio is bogus. he is a apprentice plumber and union rules require him to be an apprentice for 5 years before he can apply for a license. His apprenticeship is up in November. He works for a man that IS licensed, (even though the Union rep claims he is not.).