Monday, September 15, 2008

Updating IKE situation

** 80% of Bolivar Peninsula "wiped out" -- CNN

** Brazoria County: Military meals, ice and water are being distributed at the Alvin School District transportation center, the Kroger store in Clute, Freeport police station, Brazoria Junior High School and the Angleton Recreation Center... officials estimated that storm cleanup will cost the county and cities $46.9 million...only major Brazoria County roadway that remains closed is county road 257, also known as the Bluewater Highway, which connects Surfside Beach to San Luis Pass and Galveston along the coast.
Brazoria County Commissioner Dude Payne reported that several areas of the highway between San Luis Pass and Surfside Beach have been completely washed away. "It's taken the whole road base and all," he said. "There's only water there now." -- Hou. Chron.

** Tens of thousands of people are flocking to the Federal Emergency Management Agency aid stations set up around the Houston area.

At the road leading into the Pasadena station, a line of cars stretches as far as the eye can see and is moving at a snail’s pace. Reports are that some distribution stations are getting possibly tens of thousands of people in search of food and clothing. -- Austin Am.-Stat.

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Julie said...

We have been praying for you all. Can you post pictures yet of the Surfside - especial the jetty area and town? How about Ranger Tina Clark - can't reach her by cell.