Saturday, September 13, 2008

Reliant Stadium roof partially ripped off; game called off

The Houston Texans game against Baltimore, rescheduled for Monday night due to Hurricane Ike, has been called off.

"The facility will not be usable," said Shey Guinn, president of SMG, the company that manages Reliant Park.
"There's some structural damage to the roof. Part of it is off," Guinn said.
"There's also some other damage on the property caused by wind and water. We're in the process of assessing the damage," he said. "As far as the game being postponed again or played, that will be up to the NFL."

[houston chronicle]


Anonymous said...

The "room" is ripped off? Do you actually get paid for this blog??? I would think to be newspaper reporter would require spelling skills...are you guys hiring part time?

Banjo Jones said...

thanks for calling attention to our typo, Mr. Smartypants Anonymous dude.
You try typing in a hurricane!

Anonymous said...

I got more solid info from this web page than a whole morning of watching CNN, MSNBC, and Fox. They seem to know how to talk a lot without giving any specific information - like is the seawall still there, how high was the water over it, how many feet of water is in the downtown historic district in Galveston -- all common questions that give a comparative idea as to how bad the storm was. Thanks for the reporting.

Banjo Jones said...

You're welcome.
Thanks for the comment.