Thursday, September 04, 2008

Local GOP delegate in NY Times says she likes moose-killin' guv's sense of humor

An Angleton woman who's a delegate to the Republican National Convention was quoted today about how Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin rocked the house last night with her speech.

"I think she’s great; she’s giving it back to the Democrats for all the sorry things they’ve said about her and about America," said Anita Bargas, a delegate from Angleton, Tex. "She’s a conservative, and she has a great sense of humor."

We like a sense of humor, too, Anita.

Which is why we think it's hilarious you wasted $500 on the clown who tried to oust the No. 1 Conservative in Brazoria County -- Ron Paul.

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Anonymous said...

The difference in Chris and Sarah is that she has evolved modifying her base for which a kid has no choice from ritualistic Catholocism to expressive Pentecostalism to unifying ecumenical optimism about people. She's likely to continue to evolve with that strong base. Chris is stalled in that Neanderthalic base where he began without a thought of evolving view--the place the panicky hypocritical Facists, e.g. Hillary, Oprey, etc. are trying to put Sarah, themselves wallowing in their inflexibility and hypocrisy.
Far different than the transparent empty nothingness of George Bush and Barack Obama.