Friday, September 12, 2008

Black Panthers report for Ike duty in Houston; plus, reporter's truck damaged, prose runnin' purple in BRAZORIA CO.

Guess this is part of the famed Houston "Can Do" spirit in times of emergency.

The blog that the Houston daily is running during Hurricane Ike reports that the Black Panther Party is providing security for convenience stores in the East End, North Houston and Third, Fourth and Fifth wards.

Shannon Buggs of the Houston Chronicle reports:

Owners asked the group to provide private security for their property, said Major Kenyha Shabazz, chairman of Peoples Party No. 3, the Houston affiliate of the Black Panther Party.

``These are the places that service our communities with food, water and fuel,'' Shabazz said. ``We don't want these places torn up.''

Too bad these guys weren't around New Orleans for Katrina, eh.

``Times have changed and African Americans have progressed and now work for police departments and mayors and governors,'' Shabazz said. ``So now it's about the totality of the people and to bring all people together.''

No word on if these H-Town Panthers are packin' like the Panthers Of Old (see photo.)

Guess somebody might find out.

the Chronicle hurricane blog is divulging anything and everything it can get its digital hands on, including a shocking occurence at the Brazoria County Courthouse in Angleton, where some debris blew off the roof and ... and ... damaged the pickup truck belonging to Brazoria County Bureau Chief Richard Stewart. (pictured right, w/ his poodle)

As reported by the Chron blog:

...Stewart couldn't immediately tell how much damage was done to his truck, but it appeared to be minor damage to the passenger side front.
Stewart was able to start the truck and move it to another parking place...

Now that is good news. The media should report more happy news.

STILL, one can't help but be overwhelmed by feelings of being and nothingness if you're one of the Chronicle bloggers stuck in a motel in Lake Jackson, cultural & economic hub of Brazosport, during a major hurricane.

We'll let Dane Shiller explain it in his own words:

As Hurricane Ike rages ashore, the night sky here is filled with massive, swirling dark clouds that look as beautiful as they do evil.

The power has been out for about five hours as we "hunker down" in a motel that offers few options. Leave the door open, and you let in the beast. Close it and you swelter.


Although this dawn is dark, Dow Chemical's massive plant here is illuminated by generators that power what looks like thousands of bulbs.

Mmmm, pretty lights.

As guests at this hotel try to open and close their doors _ depending on which direction the winds are blowing in from _ some try to sleep, others watch the storm. The smell of a burning joint lingers from one darkened room.


Adding to the mix, a television correspondent at a neighboring hotel can be seen every so often running out on to a patch of grass by waving trees as she does a stand-up. She's well lit by a light running from a generator. She wears a red rain jacket and appears to be broadcasting all but alone as her microphone and her photographer's powerful zoom lens mean she's the only one that has to dash into the storm.

Pass the hemlock.
No, wait, whoever was smokin that doobie in the darkened room, pass it to Dane.
Oh, that wuz Dane's room?

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