Saturday, September 13, 2008

Babe Schwartz's son writes in the NY Times about growing up in Galveston

Cue the music ... "The Way We Were"?

Just kidding.

I lived in Galveston for 5, 6 years in the '80s, so I can appreciate some of what John Schwartz (Babe's son)
writes in the NY Times today.

But if you're not Born On The Island, you'll never be a "BOI," and that relegates you to the status of an outsider.

You can't, for instance, wear a BOI necklace. Oh, I guess you can try to fake it, but that would be frowned upon.

That's why some who live on the island call it "Galveston -- near Texas."

They consider Galveston special, in and of itself, and if you're not from there, well, you just can't understand.

Oh, it's an interesting place to live. Lots of characters walking around, sometimes raucous City Council meetings, marvelous architecture in parts and an abiding appreciation of its long history.

But, too many tourists and daytrippers, too much crime and a bit too insular.

Winter time was the best. Traffic thinned out. Beaches were deserted. Things got nice and quiet. And there was no threat of hurricanes.

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