Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meanest blowhard in Da House

US Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Houston, not only distinguished herself by backing the wrong horse in the Democratic presidential primary, she's also been recognized for being Capitol Hill's:

1. Top Show Horse
2. Biggest Drone
3. Very Meanest Member of The House

Disappointingly, Ms. Lee came in second in balloting for worst fashion victim in Congress, reports Hair Balls.

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Anonymous said...

I sat next to this drone in first class (a frequent flyer upgrade for me) on a flight to DC.
Overhearing this animal on her cell phone which the stewardess made her turn off (no, no allegations of abuse by them even though they were white) turned me off politics forever.
Her foul mouthed cursing of her staff, snappy political orders "like screw the sumbitches, they are not in my district," etc. was a reality shock.
She knows how to play the lemmings and sheep hoping for a handout.