Thursday, August 07, 2008

Holy, crap, isn't that Paul McCartney?

Without fanfare, Sir Paul McCartney stopped in for a bite to eat in Oklahoma City the other night , we read here, but we kinda think he wasn't there to chew the political fat with local hero Toby Keith.

So what's the deal? Oklahoma City? Apparently he's doing a roadie along "historic" Route 66. (He oughta be somewhere between Tumcumcari and Santa Monica by now, we figure.)

Which kinda makes sense, we guess. Paul is 66 now. So he decides to drive Route 66. You do that kinda stuff when you get up in years, we've heard.

So we'll take the people in OKC at their word, that it really was Paul McCartney, The Beatle Paul McCartney, that popped into a restaurant with a tall blonde, and not this guy, so all we can say is keep on truckin', Paulie.

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Baytown Bert said...

Paul is still cool and folks won't really appreciate the man until he's gone. go Paul!