Thursday, July 10, 2008

A very weird suicide

Usually, when an hysterical person is threatening suicide while surrounded by police, he either drops his weapon to surrender or goes ahead and kills himself, but never in our experience have we heard of an hysterical person shooting himself and then wounding one of the nearby officers with the same shot.

Yet that's what happened today, the local sheriff's office said.

The distraught citizen, Gerald Ryno, 33, of Liverpool, who was said to have a "lengthy" criminal history dating back to '92, was parked out by Bastrop Bayou at County Road 227 today when he began making calls to relatives to tell them he was going to kill himself.

Police hustled out there shortly after noon to clear the area and tell the Ryno to exit his vehicle.

Ryno, described as "hysterical," screamed at the officers to shoot him, then raised his handgun to the right side of his head and fired.

The bullet passed through his head and hit Sheriff's Investigator Jimmy Miller (pictured above ) in the left shoulder, the cops said.

"At the time time Investigator Jimmy Miller was shot he returned four shots striking the suspects (sic) vehicle. Additionally, two shots were delivered by a back up officer. None of the six shots struck the suspect," the Sheriff's Office said.

Miller's doing OK at Memorial Hermann Hospital.



Anonymous said...

So the guy shoots himself in the head. The bullet passes through his head and strikes the cop in a non-lethal, given that medical help is readily available, area.

And the cop fires four shots into the vehicle as he's going down? What would be the point of that? I guess I am way too dense to grasp the whole picture.


Anonymous said...

And didn't the article say another cop shot twice. That's six shots and they didn't hit the guy.

I mentioned this pathetic marksmanship at my place when the Angleton cops winged that guy in the arm a month or so ago. That was like six shots too.

If the suicide was as bad a shot as the cops he'd out at the pea farm instead of the morgue.


Lou Minatti said...

Very sad, That's all I can say.