Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dean Singleton swimming as fast as he can

The newspaper mogul who made Houston into a one-newspaper town way back in '95 isn't doing so well, with his company rated in a tie with the Tribune Co. (Chicago Tribune, LA Times, et al) as the third-mostly-like American newspaper company to go into default, according to Newsosaur, who blogs knowledgeably about the business end of newspapering.

Former employees of the long-dead Houston Post can't help but wonder What If?

What if Singleton had resisted the efforts of The Houston Chronicle to buy out the Post's assets?

With Houston's economy these days booming, especially compared with, say, Northern California, where Singleton placed a lot of his newspaper chips, maybe Space City still could support a two-newspaper city and he'd be making a decent profit, instead of gasping for air in California and other points.

Or maybe not. I don't know.

But it'd be a hell of a lot more fun for blogHouston and others in the blogosphere to have two newspapers to whack instead of just one, and decidedly better for the newspaper-consuming public to have two voices.

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Al Swearengen said...

BJ I would take so much pleasure in seeing Chron go under, you really just made my evening.

My family was a Post family. That was an accepted reality by the time I was in 7th grade. Chron was not mentioned around our house because it was "communist" or some such nonsense, but it took root at an early age.

The writers we knew and loved at the post were either fired or moved over to the Hearst paper, but we never read another word they wrote because we wouldn't spend the two bits or whatever it was at the time.

Now those beloved post reporters and post/chron reporters have blogs, so we get their reports from places like this.

I hate to say it, but I hope for the death of the Houston Chronicle. True journalists such as yourself don't comprimise on their integrity, and it's damn time we put the truth back into news.

That is all.