Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Years ago, I was talking to an elected official who casually dropped into the conversation that she "listened to Rush."

It rather took me aback, but helped me get my bearings in Brazoria County, Texas, into which I had recently relocated.

Seemingly normal people actually set aside a portion of their day to listen to the radio show talk host, and they are not the least bit sheepish about it! This was one of my earliest "ah-so" moments in understanding the place Where Texas Began.

Now, flash forward to today, and check out the story in the Clute daily about 125 people who committed felony criminal offenses by voting in both the Democratic and Republican primaries earlier this month.


It has to be.

Before the Texas primary (and the other all-important one in Ohio), Mr. Limbaugh had been urging his politically conservative listenership to "cross over" and vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary. The reasoning: a Clinton win in Texas, Ohio and other states would keep the Democratic presidential nomination fight going, maybe all the way to the convention, thus giving Republican John McCain time to marshal his forces, raise money and catch up on his afternoon nap time.

"Operation Chaos" is what Limbaugh called his crossover voting campaign.

The thing is, he didn't tell his listeners that it is illegal in Texas to vote in both primaries.

(At least, I'm pretty sure he didn't tell them that, as I am not a regular listener.)

Brazoria County D.A. Jeri Yenne has not identified Limbaugh as an unindicted co-conspirator in the election fraud, but as she and her assistants sort through the mess, it'd be instructive for her to determine just how it is these local nitwits came to vote in both primaries.

So we hope they ask the local nitwits if it was Limbaugh's influence that led them to commit a felony offense that may send them to the Big House.

We're not calling for the DA's office to go after Limbaugh with criminal charges ( though, come to think of it, isn't he on probation for that drug rap?) but maybe a letter to him instructing him on the nuances of Texas law might be in order.

Our understanding is that in some states you can "split" the primary vote by voting in the Democratic race in one contest and the Republican race in another contest; that's not the case in Texas, so we suspect a lot of the local nitwits wanted to follow Mr. Limbaugh's instructions to vote for Hillary in the Democratic presidential primary but also wanted to vote in the Republican primary sheriff's race.

So let's get to the bottom of this.

Due diligence calls for a full investigation and perhaps a letter from D.A. Yenne to Mr. Limbaugh.

With luck, maybe he'll talk about it on the radio and educate some of the local nitwits.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you realize, after a little thought, that you can listen to practically any radio show on earth without setting aside a portion of your day to do so. It's not like the old days where we had a wireless and all huddled around it at specific times to hear specific entertainers. You can even get radios in your motorcar these days.

Now, those nitwit voters? They probably do that.


Anonymous said...

You know, I'm sure, that I am about as far from being a Rush fan as it is possible to get, but there is no reason to think he was behind the voting debacle.

Being a dumbass isn't EXACTLY the same as being a big Rush fan.

There were supposedly a lot of "first time" voters, this last primary, reportedly, because of Obama's candidacy. I bet those first timers are the, uh, primary, source of the miscast votes.


Anonymous said...

I seen the story last night on the boob tube (ch11) about the same thing in harris county. apparently more than few got confused by the vote twice slogan in the demo-primary. one grandmother spoke of her g-daughter that early voted and went back on tueday to "vote twice."

caucus needs to go eventhough it was amusing to watch the chaos at the polls.


Anonymous said...

You MUST be kidding. The "boob tube" is the late news on channel two. Is it even slightly possible that you can have not noticed?