Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Democrats finally have more fun than Republicans in Brazoria County, Texas

Brazoria County, the place "where Texas began," has been a wasteland for Democrats in recent years, with Republicans dominating local elected offices and Democrats sometimes not even bothering to nominate anyone to run against them.

But in this election year, more people voted in the Democratic primary than the Republican primary.

29,443 people voted in the Dem contests. That's a 36.15 percent turnout.

With no local Democratic races of note being contested, we figure it's safe to say the Democratic turnout was due to the Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton presidential contest. It sure was a lot more dramatic than the John McCain,Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul three-way.

Hillary beat Obama 50.16 percent to 48.65 percent.

In the Republican Primary, where 23,944 people voted (that's a 29.39 percent turnout), Republican presidential Favorite Son Ron Paul could only muster 15.34 percent of the presidential vote, but he won 72 percent of the vote for the 14th Congressional District. One can only conclude that the locals never took the Grumpy Gynecologist's presidential bid seriously, but they evidently like how he runs their congressional office.

Meanwhile, Precinct 3 County Commissioner Jack Harris of Pearland was knocked off by Stacy L. Adams, 53-to-46 percent, while Sheriff Charles Wagner defeated Alvin Police Chief Mike Merkel 57-to-42 percent to retain the High Sheriff's post. That's the second time Wagner's beat Merkel.

Republican primary results (pdf)
Democratic primary results (pdf)

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