Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The annals of newspapers

Elliot Spitzer.

Now that's a story that can get a newsroom humming. Literally.

The NY Times broke the story. Good for them.

So today, it's second-day lede time.

Who's having the most fun? The newspaper of record, the one that broke the big story, or the rival tabloid newspaper across town?

To find out, we compared the 2nd paragraph of the "play" stories in each periodical's Web front pages today.

Here's the NY Times' 2nd graf:

The lack of news from the governor’s office seemed to steadily increase tension throughout a day in which questions about the state leadership swirled through New York State’s avenues of power.

Here's the NY Post's 2nd graf:
Spitzer, a millionaire, was hopping into bed with harlots for as long as 10 years and traveled as far as Florida for call-girl trysts, sources said.

I'd vote for the tab.

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