Thursday, January 03, 2008

"I have never understood the Iowa caucus" -- Larry King

It was here, almost two years ago, that we first noted the presidential candidacy of Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas.

Here's what we wrote:

Could he, will he, possibly be the darkhorse candidate in '08? If you hop on now, you prolly can't be called a bandwagon jumper....

That most certainly was true on Feb. 16, 2005, when it was posted, but it's not true now that Huck won the Iowa caucus on the Republican side.

We just wish we had foreseen the Chuck Norris effect, which we don't understand at all.

So what about our Favorite Son presidential candidate, our congressman, Ron Paul?

10 percent isn't bad for guy considered a loose cannon in the Republican Party.

The bloggers for the Houston daily seemed to enjoy The Grumpy Gynecologist's 5th place finish, as is their right.

Most loyal friends: Ron Paul

The Houston-area congressman had a rabid band of followers who followed him across the state. Unfortunately for him, three times as many Republicans disliked him.[link] ...

All day, Paul supporters have been emailing, insisting he would win and that if he didn't, it would be the work of a media conspiracy or possibly an Israeli corporation hired to count the caucus results.

Heavy turnout was supposed to favor Ron Paul -- it certainly seems to be helping Barack Obama, the current Dem leader [link]....

But those of us who support Dr. Paul are not at all dismayed. On to New Hampshire!

On the Democratic side, we trust that local convenience store magnate Arch "Beaver" Aplin is riding high tonight as his man, Sen. Barack Obama, won the Democratic contest.

Aplin contributed $12,000 to Obama For Illinois, the senator's political action committee, way back in 2004. [link[

So he should be in line for the coveted undersecretary of convenience stores post should Obama win in November.

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