Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yep, we's all just a buncha shrimp eatin' hayseeds down here in the 14th District

Bennett Roth, a member of the Houston daily's crack Washington press corps (see photo), had a chat with National Public Radio the other day about Ron Paul, our Favorite Son candidate for president.

Specifically, NPR wanted Mr. Roth to shed some light on just who in the world are the people down in Ron Paul's congressional district.

Legitimate question.

But perhaps it's not one to be answered by someone who lives in Washington, D.C., and who likely hasn't stepped foot in the 14th Congressional District in, what, 10 years? ( wild guess.)

So what do you say when you're interviewed as an "expert" by a news organization that expects you to know the answer to a legitimate question to which you have no clue.

Why, you pull it outta your ASS.

To wit:

What's the view from back home, in Congressman Paul's south Texas district? Bennett Roth of the Houston Chronicle says it's a district full of shrimpers and farmers who grow rice and cotton. [link]

Now, it's time go sit on the porch, fire up the ol' corncob pipe and plunk away on the banjo ... Oh when dose cotton balls a' get rotten, you cain't pick very much cotton ....

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Anonymous said...

To tell the truth, as I always try my best to do, that doesn't sound too bad, Banjo.

I'll bring the Maker's Mark and Budweiser and a couple of good cigars, you say when.