Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ron Paul's kids are campaigning and the candidate -- HOLY BATSHIT! -- reveals his favorite comicbook superhero

As with the candidates themselves, there are differences between the offspring of the presidential contenders, observes The Washington Post's daily campaign diary.

...Rand Paul and his four siblings will not be mistaken for the clean-cut Romney brood, though they too have done well in the grandchildren department, with 18 among them. "You'd have a hard time ever having me and my four siblings with our shirts tucked in at the same time, whereas the Romneys have everything in order," he said. "We're a little more laid back."

Rand Paul is a 44-year-old opthamologist from Kentucky.

Meanwhile, John Stossel of ABC News did this interview last nightwith The Favorite Son.

Also, The Chicago Tribune did this story on the young man behind Paul's "money bomb" that was dropped last month.

Finally, ComicMix asked the Congressman to reveal his favorite Super Hero.

It was Batman, he said, citing a particular escapade in "The Batman Chronicles" wherein the Caped Crusader attempted to rescue the confiscated works of persecuted Austrian economist, Ludwig von Mises, from Nazi Party hands.

“Batman's assistant Robin writes in the memoirs, "[Mises] was an advocate of individual liberty, free speech, and free thinking... and so, should I add, the Berlin Batman." Batman, a Jew in hiding in Nazi Austria, was willing to risk his life for the sake of the promulgation of freedom, and I find this to be super-heroic."

(NOTE TO YOUNGER PAUL SUPPORTERS: Spongebob Squarepants is not considered a "superhero.")

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Steve said...

Hey Banjo,

Here's an article on Paul you may find interesting. They have some comments by local mayors Patrick Henry (Angleton) and Bob Sipple (Lake Jackson) on what they think of Paul. Interesting that this Nevada paper chose to approach the yocals.