Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ron Paul was on "The View" yesterday

No, I don't watch "The View" during the normal course of the day, but KTRK-TV (Channel 13 on the Houston dial) blogger Mike McGuff gave me a heads-up on it.

The mere fact that our Favorite Son appeared on "The View" is the real news here. Could you imagine our humble congressman appearing there a year or so ago?

Things have changed.

One of the co-hosts, Joyce Behar, indicated she is is "for" the congressman because of his anti-Iraq War views, but she couldn't resist telling the Grumpy Gynecologist he has to "know" he's not going to win the presidential race.

Congressman Paul wouldn't bite.

They spent much of the time talking to him about abortion (Zzzzzzzzz)

Later, Behar said, "gun to your head" is there anyone else in the GOP primary he'd vote for if he wasn't running? (She actually made her hand into a play gun and stuck it to the congressman's head, prompting the Secret Service to cringe.)

The answer, of course, is no.

Too bad Rosie O'Donnell still isn't on that show. She mghta mixed it up a bit more to spice up what was essentially a non-news-making national TV appearance. But like we said, the fact that Ron Paul is even on "The View" is the real story here.

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal again took the temperature of the Paul campaign and said if nothing else, it's raised enough money to stay actie in the race til the nominating convention in September, even if the Favorite Son is reduced to "gadfly'" status.

Paul agreed, thought not necessarily to the gadfly allusion. (Again with the gadfly crap!):

Mr. Paul is also raising the kind of money that will allow him to stay in the race -- if only as a Republican gadfly -- until the Republican nominating convention in September. "That's the goal as long as the campaign goes well, that would be the goal," he says.

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