Friday, December 21, 2007

Ron Paul to "meet the press"

The Tim Russert-hosted show is considered by many to be the most influential of the Sunday interview shows so the Favorite Son must be doing something right. It happens this Sunday at 10 o'clock in the morning Texas Time.[link]

Meanwhile, The Fix, a blog in The Washington Post, asked its readers to put the Favorite Son's recent fund-raising successes into perspective.

Here's what some of their readers says it all means:

"... there are a lot of people out there who are very upset with the status quo. I get the feeling that Paul's donors don't usually participate in politics; they weren't out campaigning for Bush or Kerry in 2004. They're the people who disagree with the entire system, and want a major change.
Posted by: Blarg

Genius marketing and internet work, by Paul's people.
Posted by: JKrishnamurti

1. A lot of fiscally-conservative, socially-liberal folks have money they're willing to spend on politics and 2. They want a candidate who is neither a prolific spender nor a religious zealot.
Posted by: herrin-postresume

...the campaign [can] level the playing field by a small amount. There's nothing like free press ... since free press coverage is denied Dr. Paul by the majority of the MSM, these funds can be used creatively to boost name recognition. i.e. more highway banners, blimps, advertising in print and radio/tv media.
Posted by: gatorngrits

... nothing other than Ron Paul's ability to continue sticking it in the eye of Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani for a while longer. The disaffected libertarians who give money to Paul are no different from the disaffected lefty loonies who gave money to Howard Dean -- they don't vote.
Posted by: greenmountainboy

... unknown candidates with the right message can use the internet to attract online support and donations to turn their efforts into real campaigns. Howard Dean started down this road and Ron Paul is continuing to blaze the trail...
Posted by: sean4

... that a significant number of voters are looking for a new direction in Washington.
Posted by: lmielke

[he has] the equivalent of a protest vote by those of us who are deeply concerned about our country and where we are headed.
Posted by: mcnb05

... he is a true top-tier front-runner and deserves more respect from the media. All that is left is an appropriate showing in the primaries/caucuses.
Posted by: texntn"

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Anonymous said...

We are on the march and they are on the run! Pauls defense of the constitution rings true with Americans. Russert ran scared of Paul's reasoning and Timmy changed the subject every time Paul's truth rang true. Paul's message will endure long after this election. I hope the best for our nation.