Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A brotherly view of Ron Paul

Off The Bus visited with one of Our Favorite Son's brothers up in Michigan.

David Paul is a Lutheran minister and traces his younger brother's interest in politcs back to Barry Goldwater.

There were five brothers in the Paul family back in Pittsburgh.

...two are Lutheran ministers, one is an accountant, one is head of the mathematics department at Appalachian State University...and one, so it happened, is running for president....

They weren't rich.

Said the Rev. Paul:
"I don't think Romney grew up in a house with five boys in one bedroom." Commenting on a sense of establishment or entitlement among the candidates, Rev. Paul said of his brother, "He doesn't have any of that in his background."

By now, you've probably heard or read about the congressman's wildly successful fund-raising push yesterday.

While Ron Paul's brother wasn't specifically asked about the fund-raising success, he was asked about the candidate's success on the Web.

"They said, 'has Ron Paul found the Internet?'" said Rev. Paul. "And somebody said, 'No, the Internet has found Ron Paul.'"

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