Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Re-inventing yourself

There was a guy in Lakeland, Fla., named Bill Henry.

And there was a guy in Houston named Bill Henry who was once a pitcher in the Major Leagues.

Bill Henry from Lakeland was a lefthanded salesman.

Bill Henry from Houston was a lefthanded relief pitcher who played in the '61 World Series.

Bill Henry from Lakeland decided he'd rather be Bill Henry from Houston, so he masqueraded for 20 years as the retired lefthander who once played in a World Series. When he died, that's how his obit was written up. Bill Henry, the baseball pitcher, gone.

Exceprt it was Bill Henry the salesman. His own wife never knew the truth til now. [link]

Who would you be?

The reader who sent me the above NPR link said he'd be Earl Campbell.

That'd be a hard sell. The reader, who is a longtime friend, is a skinny white guy who went to Jones High School in Houston. Oh, he played some Little League baseball, but didn't go much farther, unless you count being a computer scientist-type guy.

The whole thing reminds me of a story i once did about a guy who showed up in Hitchcock, Texas, back in the early '80s. Told all the local girls he was a certain member of the band Styxx, with whom he shared a striking resemblance, which led to certain carnal advantages, allegedly. I think he got 20 years.

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