Friday, October 12, 2007

Polluter of the Week (Houston division)

We travel up the highway to Harris County today to bestow our Polluter of the Week plaque upon Texmark Chemicals, Inc., in Galena Park, TX, which has been penalilzed $75,692 for various environmental crimes against the people.

Texmark is a chemical manufacturing plant that did more than its fair share of sloppy, slipshod work to win the nod for Polluter of the Week.

The company didn't monitor API Separator A-1 during the second quarter of 2006;; submit fugitive emissions monitoring reports; report deviations in semiannual and annual compliance certification reports; sample the sulfur content of fuel; include the applicability of provisions in FOP O-01363; 30 TAC §§101.20(1), 116.115(c), and 122.143(4), NSR Permit Number 21472, SC 3.B., FOP O-01363, STC 10, 40 CFR §60.663(b)(2), and THSC, §382.085(b), by failing to install a flow indicator for a distillation column; submit notification for refilling a tank in VOC service; test the flare; submit a provision applicability notification; and finally, fuckin DID NOT submit to the TCEQ initial and semiannual reports relating to the operation of a distillation column.

What kinda fly-by-night operation is Texmark?

It's a legit question, given the above-mentioned violations.

On its Web site," under the "what we believe" section,

the company says:

"we seek to live out our Christian faith in the adventure of work and business, to hire top people, to recognize and reward profitable initiative and action, and to endorse safety, health, and a clean environment as important priorities. "

Somethin went wrong somewheres. Maybe you're missin Sunday services to watch the NFL pregame shows at 11 o'clock.

What's the deal?

If we didn't know better, and we don't based upon the evidence, you're using your purported Christian faith under false pretenses to drum up business.

The proof's in the puddin.

If you care to leave a comment, or an explanation, go ahead.

Just remember, JC is watching your ass.

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