Thursday, September 27, 2007

I was a Ron Paul fan before it was cool

But that's okay.

Many of you misanthropic rednecks preceded me, and none of you complained. (And, hell, he is my congressman, eh.)

Now, at this crucial moment in history, it is clear that some of the latecomers to the Ron Paul Party are attracted to the Grumpy Gynecologists for all sorts of reasons, reports The Boston Globe.

Some are Democrats fed up with their party's inability to stop the war; others are Republicans angry about the PATRIOT Act and other Bush-era laws they believe trample on individual liberties. Still others are antiestablishment youths who have never been involved in politics before, including some who are drawn to conspiracy theories, claiming that President Bush is leading a secret plot to cede US sovereignty to a North American union, for example, or that the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks were perpetrated by the US government.

What they share is a deep distrust of American government, bred by a strong aversion to the war on terror and the war in Iraq, as well as nagging insecurity about the country's economic future.

It's sorta reminiscent of the Gene McCarthy for President supporters in the late '60s. Or, on a regional level, all the political newcomers who jumped on the Sissy Farenthold for Texas Governor movement (my sister was one of them; that's what reminds me of the late Ms. Farenthold, whose memory is still evoked regularly by The Texas Observer folks.)

Difference is, McCarthy and Farenthold were "liberals" and Paul is, what?, an anarchist/libertarian?

Ah, well, soon enough, the hopes and dreams of all these starry-eyed Paul supporters soon will be dashed on the jagged rocks of reality, just like the McCarthy and Farenthold armies of the night, but, shoot, it's fun while it lasts.

Enjoy, people. To the ramparts! Give em heckfire!

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Jose Morelos said...

Hola! Banjo, Ronald Reagan, a student of Ron Paul's should be in that picture as well. Ron Paul was Reagan before Reagan got his head straight and evolved into Reagan, e.g before being Reagan was cool.