Friday, September 28, 2007

The guy who should now be quarterback of the Houston Texans to be featured Sunday on "60 Minutes"

That would be Vince Young of the former Houston Oilers.

I still shake my head over it. The Texans could have saved themselves $8 million on David Carr, a 2nd round draft pick, a better #1 draft pick last spring, maybe could have gotten something (anything!) in return for Carr and would now be a BETTER TEAM.

Anyway, Bud Adams' prize quarterback is so amazing he's already being featured on 60 Minutes this Sunday.

In an interview taped this summer, Young admitted he was angry about not winning the Heisman Trophy in his final season at Texas. The award went to Southern Cal running back Reggie Bush, now with the Saints.

"I was angry about that situation … ," Young said. "And I wanted to show the world that I was the real Heisman Trophy winner. But on paper, Reggie Bush is the Heisman Trophy winner. I am not taking nothing from him. He knows he's a phenomenal athlete. … I always feel like I'm better. Always." [link]

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Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the interview, but the commercial for it made me shake my head.

Vince Young is shown saying

"Ain't nobody can tell me nothing!"

There's your UT schooling for football players.

Go Aggies!