Monday, March 19, 2007

Anna Nicole's daddy: "Murder's murder."

If the criminal justice authorities in Florida don't bring a criminal case in the death of Anna Nicole Smith, we look for a wrongful death lawsuit to be filed in civil court by the dead sex symbol's mama and daddy.

You don't have to read the tea leaves to come to this conclusion. Just listen to what the principals are saying.

Anna's mom Virgie has been in the public eye since her daughter died unexpectedly at a hotel in South Florida, and now her daddy, a dead ringer for Waylon Jennings in a black cowboy hat, shades and western shirt, is coming out swinging.

Don Hogan (pictured above) appeared on Greta Van Susteren's show on Fox Monday night via a taped interview that was done of the shores of Lake Livingston, where he apparently lives some 75 or so miles north of Houston.

Mr. Hogan met Virgie at a donut shop where she worked, married her and had a baby with her that they named Vicky Lynn, who later met a real rich old guy named Howard Marshal at the topless club where she danced, married him and changed her name to Anna Nicole Smith, who appeared naked in Playboy Magazine, served as a model for Guess? Jeans and became famous for being famous.

Mr. Hogan, whose marriage to Virgie lasted "almost two years," said he and his daughter "made up" in '93, when she had someone contact him; He said he last saw her in '94. He visited her in California a couple times and at her ranch in Tomball, he told Greta. He received a postcard from his daughter on occassion.

Here are some highlights of what he told Greta...

-- On Howard K. Stern, who claims to be the father of his granddaughter, the only surviving heir of Anna Nicole: ""I don't like the man. Because I've got a dead grandson and a dead daughter and Howard's always around."

-- On Larry Birkhead, the freelance photographer who also claims to be the father of his granddaughter: "I think Larry's the daddy...Larry told me he tried to get her (Anna Nicole) off of drugs. And then I look around I see this other guy's cramming drugs down her throat, tellin' her it's fine to do it. I just don't see it an accident. I don't see it as suicide. The way I look at it, murder's murder....Nobody put a gun to her head but somebody sure shoved a lotta drugs down her throat, and if they didn't make her take it they encouraged her to take it."

We're not sure if Houston attorney John O'Quinn, (pictured below w/ Greta) is representing Mr. Hogan, but we wouldn't be surprised, since he's representing Virgia Arthur, Anna's mama.

O'Quinn, sounding a little more lucid and alert than the last time we saw him on Greta's show, was kicked out of the Bahamanian court where lawyers are fighting over the custody of Anna's daughter, Dannielynn. He was booted at the request of Howard K. Stern's lawyer after O'Quinn filed an affidavit claiming Stern shouldn't have custody of the baby.

"Who was present when Anna Nicole died? Stern. Who was present when Anna Nicole's son died? Stern. What they'd die of? We don't know. We can't tell. Some unexplained thing. They were young, both of them were young, they were in great health. No trucks ran over 'em or anything. And who had control over all those drugs? Stern. It's all set out in the affidavit."

"There's smoke and fire, trust me. They've (police) spent two months trying to clear him."

So that's how we figure a wrongful death civil lawsuit is comin' down the pike at some point.

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