Sunday, February 04, 2007

Here comes de judge

State District Judge Susan Criss of Galveston County has a blog.

While the code of conduct prohibits her from blogging about too much of the goings on in her courtroom, it didn't stop her from relating this anecdote:

I brought over a defendant this week who had notified the Court that he was having a problem with his lawyer.When I asked him why he was upset with his lawyer the defendant stood and said, "Judge, he's not lying for me.. he's lying to me."

Sometimes keeping a straight face on while on the bench is challenging...

The judge has named her blog As The Island Floats.

My how times have changed.

For several years in the 1980s I spent a considerable amount of time at the Galveston County Courthouse, and I specifically recall how one of the more affable judges who presided in that edifice would regularly fall asleep on the bench during court.

Now they're blogging.

That's progress, eh.


SF Mom of One said...

Does she have a TV show? Do you think she wants one? Those are not your usual judge-pics, at least where I come from.

Banjo Jones said...

don't believe she has a TV show and have no idea if she'd like one ... the judge's photo attracted the attention of another reader who wondered what, if anything, she wore beneath her robes ... the judge is considered a forward-thinking jurist by the ACLU-affiliated blog "Grits for Breakfast." i've never met Judge Criss myself.