Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ron Paul running for prez?

A reader alerted us to this blog posting on the Lew Rockwell site that says "incorporation papers were filed in Texas for a Ron Paul 2008 presidential exploratory committee. "

Ron Paul is Our Congressman.

And, if you don't mind us reminding you again, we shoulda listened to him before the Iraq thing.
Bill Crider, the Bard of Alvin, has more details via the Washington Post.


JD Allen said...

Banjo - At what point in a candidacy do the candidates get Secret Service protection?

For instance, did George Wallace have Secret Service agents around him? Or was that what started the candidate protection that we have today?

Banjo Jones said...

jd, i read a story that said Secret Service protection for '08 candidates began last weekend ... i guess since Paul is just "exploring" the possibility, his may not have begun yet ...