Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Super Bowl pick

I'll take Indy.

I don't think Chicago's corners can cover the Colts' receiving corps, and the addition by trade of Booger McFarland and the return from injury of Bob Sanders will help contain the Bears running attack.

Furthermore, I almost always go with the team who has the superior quarterback, which in this case favors the Colts.

Let's say Colts 27, Bears 13.

What do you think?

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Jim said...

Unless the AFC team is the Steelers, I always go with the NFC team. So I'll take the Bears.

Is anyone talking about the fact that in the quarterback matchup this is a Florida-vs-Tennessee contest? Florida's been dominant in that matchup in recent years, so why shouldn't Grossman win the game? Yeah, I know that makes as much sense as choosing the team with the prettier uniforms, but what the hell.