Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Molly Ivins -- gone

One of my editors once wanted me to go hang out with Molly Ivins for a few days in Austin, and then write a feature story about her.

So I gave her a call and ran it by her. I mentioned one of my previous editors at a previous newspaper was a good friend of hers (or at least claimed he was) and she said she remembered the fella whose name I invoked and asked how he was.

Oh, he's doing fine, far as I know, I told her, and then I made my pitch for a story on her which would entail me coming to Austin to be a fly on her wall.

She was cheerful enough, but gave sortofa long sigh. Long enough to be audible on the phone. Then there was a pause before, if I'm recalling correctly, she said something like, "Do we have to?"

One of my faults is that I often answer questions directly when they are put to me directly, so, as I recall, I replied, "Well, gosh, Molly we don't have to. I mean it's up to you. It'd probably be a fun piece, but, no, we certain don't have to."

So she begged off, and I told my editor she didn't want to do it, all the while thinking, "Christ, just what the world of journalism needs, another feature story about someone else in the media. The media covering the media!, reporters interviewing reporters ... Jesus!!"

I suspect she felt the same way about reporters writing about reporters (or columnists), what with other more "newsworthy" topics awaiting our attention.

(I probably never was persistent enough to be a journalist; way too laid back, or laconic, if you prefer; probably shoulda pressed her more, but I always hated begging.)

So, anyway, right now I'm thinking, Shit, too bad that story didn't work out, that probaby woulda been fun, following Molly Ivins around Austin for a day or two, though, I'm sure it woulda been a pain in the ass for her. I mean, who wants to be followed around by a guy taking notes? And now, sadly, she's gone.

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Ghost of Bob Eckhardt said...

Damn! First Gonzo Thompson, then Anne, now Molly of late joining me down here in Hell. Who's next?

Pray to God that Florence King goes to Heaven.