Saturday, December 09, 2006

Chocolate Bayou spices up holiday emissions season

There hasn't been a decent emissions event around here in a coon's age, and just when it looks like we might as well stop checking the public record, bam, here's one at Chocolate Bayou.

What happened was, water was being drained from a butenes wash tower at the Innovene plant when, all of a sudden, "hydrocarbon from an unknown source entered the tower and exited through the open drain."

Said hydrocarbon was said to be 750 lbs. of butene. But that's just an estimate. Coulda been more. Or less. But we'd err on the high side, if we guessed, which we won't do as that would raise journalistic ethical questions.

Where'd the butene go?

They don't say, but Chocolate Bayou's our guess. Wait a minute. We're not supposed to guess. Forget we said that.

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