Wednesday, November 08, 2006

There's a lady on commissioners court!

Back in February, we published this picture of some grain silos on Banjo Pics, our photoblog.

Shortly thereafter, we received an email from a woman who said her grandparents built the structures back around 1910.

The email was from Mary Ruth Rodenbaugh.

Then, when we woke up this morning, we checked to see who won the Precinct 4 County Commissioners race on Tuesday.

Why, it was Mary Ruth Rodenbaugh.

To the best of our knowledge, she'll be the first women to ever serve on the mighty commissioners court. We may be wrong about that, but we know for damn sure she's the first woman on the court since 1995 (when we first arrived in The Land Where Texas Began.)

So, congratulations, Mary Ruth. You'll be entering one of the sacred bastions of good ole boydom, so lace up your combat boots.

As you know, you defeated former Lake Jackson Mayor Shane Pirtle, who ran under the Republican banner, and Jumpin' Jack Patterson, a former commissioner who ran as an independent.

The fact that you, as a Democrat, managed to beat such seasoned political pros is a testament to the respect you command around these parts, thanks, no doubt, to your work on behalf of Habitat for Humanity and your other endeavors. And it doesn't hurt that you come from a well-known and much respected family out West 'O the Brazos.

Frankly, we're happy that Mr. Pirtle, a Dow employee, was defeated, because the last thing the commissioners court needs is someone else in power to carry water for Dow and the petrochemical industry (as well as those tax break-seeking land developers.)

Good luck and power to the peeps.
[Brazoria County election returns, PDF format]


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, Mary Ruth was a Dow employee as well.

Banjo Jones said...

was is better than is