Friday, October 06, 2006

Git N Go done got got

Next time you're over in West Columbia and need a can of Copenhagen or a pack 'o Camel Lights, consider patronizing the Git N Go on South 17th Street. They need the business -- bad.

They've gotta pay a $17,100 fine for being dumbasses.

Here's the fine print from our friends at The Texas Register (Git out your magnifyin' glasses):

(10) COMPANY: Yari Enterprises, Inc. dba Git N Go; DOCKET NUMBER: 2004-0445-PST-E; TCEQ ID NUMBER: RN102245263; LOCATION: 302 South 17th Street, West Columbia, Brazoria County, Texas; TYPE OF FACILITY: convenience store with retail sales of gasoline; RULES VIOLATED: 30 TAC §37.815(a) and (b), by failing to demonstrate acceptable financial assurance for taking corrective action and for compensating third parties for bodily injury and property damage caused by accidental releases arising from the operation of petroleum USTs; 30 TAC §334.48(c) and §334.50(d)(1)(B)(ii), by failing to conduct manual or automatic inventory control for all USTs at the facility and by failing to conduct inventory control reconciliation on a monthly basis; 30 TAC §334.50(b)(1)(A), (b)(2)(A)(i)(III), and (b)(2)(A)(ii)(I), and TWC, §26.3475(a) and (c)(1), by failing to test line leak detectors and product piping at least once per year for performance and operational reliability, and by failing to monitor tanks (release detection) for releases at a frequency of at least once every month; 30 TAC §115.245(2) and THSC, §382.085(b), by failing to conduct the annual and triennial Stage II Testing to verify proper operation of the Stage II equipment; and 30 TAC §334.22(a), by failing to pay outstanding UST fees for TCEQ Financial Administration Account Number 0059929U; PENALTY: $17,100; STAFF ATTORNEY: Kathleen Decker, Litigation Division, MC 175, (512) 239-6500; REGIONAL OFFICE: Houston Regional Office, 5425 Polk Avenue, Suite H, Houston, Texas 77023-1486, (713) 767-3500.

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