Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Can you pronounce "peninsula"?

President Bush can't.

He says "peninshula."


It's annoying.


Kevin said...

Worse than nuke-ya-lure?

Sadly, one of my defense policy profs used to pronounce nuclear the same way (and he's an arms control/SDI expert who's resume includes Deputy National Security Advisor).

So I don't quite know what it means. Probably that we should be running American foreign policy. :)

Anonymous said...

Harry Carey pronounced Stone as "shtone" but he was lovable, but then he only presided over Chitown.

Mouth of the Yellow River said...

The worst revealing repeat offense that Bush exhibits related to his claims to be a Texan is grabbing his cowboy hat by the crown rather than the brim when handling it and taking it off and on. See
here and here.

Every self-respecting Texan back to Lyndon Johnson and John Connally knows never to grab the visible vertical and shaped hat crown putting dents and greasy fingerprints on it relative to the less noticeable flat horizontal brim. Crown is hard to clean and block relative to the relatively flat brim.

A knowledgeable hat wearer always sits the hat inside up on the crown on a flat surface, not on the brim inside down flattening it’s shape out.

This contrast is especially noticeable now with an authentic Texas hat wearer (Kinky) on the news relative to a fake like Bush, not to mention fakes like Perry, Strayhorn or Bell who are hatless. Ann Richards, Kinky’s now deceased sympathizer, sure knew how to sport a hat.

I think you can judge a person’s character by whether and how they wear and handle a hat. Never trust a person who never wears a hat! Lyndon Johnson was probably the most versatile with a hat in political history, even known to use them as a “frisbee” thrown out of his campaign helicopter to waiting crowds.

JD Allen said...

That ain't the only annoying thing about GWB. I don't think he'd last very long at Scotties. Or Beck's, either.

BTW - Harry Carey talked the way he did because he was drunk as a skunk.

Anonymous said...

Bush takes his "Texas roots" to the laughable extreme of trying to sound like those West Texas hicks he befriended during his dry-hole Midland-Odessa days, when everything he touched turned to shit. Well, things haven't changed really, have they? He is Midas-In-Reverse...

Banjo Jones said...

i have a Resistol that i sometimes wear when not sporting by hardhat.

what kind of chapeau do you wear, MOTYR?

leigh said...

My dad, a Freeport native, used to pronounce "hurricane" like this -- "herrikin." As he got older, his pronunciation got worser and worser. I can hear him saying, peninshula -- and i'm no bush apologist.


Mouth of the Yellow River said...

Ni Hao! Kannichi Wa!
Australian Squatter (telescope crown; ca 7X) in the summer and Lyndon Johnson style “On the Road” Stetson (10X) in the winter.

Ann knew both how to handle a cowboy hat (shown here) and a motorcycle helmut here and be a governor.

She laid the stage for Kinky and now his time has come after the two Yale and Aggie frat rat fakes that made a mess in between.